Private email

No tracking

No ads, no spams, no trackers, no solicitations, no backdoor, free from government surveillance.

Privacy protection

State of the art security features protect your email privacy at all times.

Legal protection

Belgian privacy protection law is strong. Only local judges can request information and they must have a court order. It rarely happens.

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Secure email


Encryption happens in the browser. It is impossible for anyone (including us) to read your emails along the line. Fully inter-operable with any OpenPGP service.

Digital signatures

Your digitally signed email guarantees the recipient that it has been sent by you and only you. There is no way of faking the sender address.


Create, import, publish and manage OpenPGP keys easily. Nothing to install. We offer full control and total freedom.

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Emails and more


Safely store all your documents. Edit online and share them with one click.


Put your private appointments in our user-friendly calendar. It's handy to use and you can share it securely.


Import your contacts from all your accounts. Create groups to share your data securely.

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Reclaim your email privacy

We believe that online privacy is a fundamental human right which can no longer be taken for granted so we decided that it was time to offer a service which is fully dedicated to email privacy. We double-checked every line of code, hardened our servers and developed a unique and inter-operable End-to-end Encrypted email solution which includes digital signatures. We did tons of other stuff as well related to data security. We cannot guarantee that the Service is perfect - nothing ever is. However, we are sure that it is as secure and private as you can hope to get, with far greater respect for your privacy than the American equivalents offer.

Our team is competent and passionate. We are cautious, reliable, stable and honest.
We launched our service in 1999 and we are in it for the long haul.

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